Sikorsky S-31


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Sikorsky S-31

The S-30 design for a light transport and mail aircraft was not built. The five-seat S-31, with a 200hp Wright J-4 Whirlwind engine, was used by the Fairchild Company for aerial photo-mapping work in South America. Up to four passengers, or photographic equipment, could be carried in the semi-closed centre cabin. During flight testing, the S-31 climbed to 4680m in 47 minutes with a pilot, two passengers and fuel for four hours of flying.

Barry, 29.03.2016 18:08

Span 45'0" Length 26'0" Height 10'4" Wing area 260 sq ft Empty Weight 1,700 lb Gross Weight 2,900 lb

Max speed 135 mph Service ceiling 15,000 ft


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