Piper PA-6 Sky Sedan


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Piper PA-6 Sky Sedan

The prototype flew in 1947. Market decline forced cancellation. One built.

 ENGINE1 x Continental E-165 piston engine, 165hp
  Take-off weight896 kg1975 lb
  Empty weight471 kg1038 lb
  Wingspan10.56 m35 ft 8 in
  Length7.92 m26 ft 0 in
  Height2.48 m8 ft 2 in
  Wing area18.63 m2200.53 sq ft
  Max. speed225 km/h140 mph
  Cruise speed201 km/h125 mph
  Ceiling4270 m14000 ft
  Range805 km500 miles

Frank Balkus, e-mail, 17.06.2011 18:25

I am presently building an R /C version of the Sky Sedan, and I am very pleased with it. I found the reprinted plans on EBay, it was originally built in a 1947 Mechanix Illustrated magazine for control line. It's a heavy model, but can be widdled down to a more appropriate weight.


john c., e-mail, 14.03.2011 04:09

say what you will there was a sky sedan mounted on the roof of a building on the east side of the highway some thirty miles north of san antonio, tx. we used to drive by and watch for it on our way back home. no, iwas not drinking at the time and yes i had about 3,000 hours in different pipers.


Dave Marshall, e-mail, 24.02.2011 07:21

Some of the systems and designs from this airplane lived on in other subsequent designs, such as note the look of the tail vs the Apache, and the hydralic gear retraction system vs the Apache /Aztec..... which is also similar to the Navajo & Cheyenne.


Doug Braun, e-mail, 23.01.2011 23:30

I was a controller at the Ann Arbor Tower from 1973-78 and chairman of 2 airshows sponsored by Ann Arbor Southeastern Kiwanis, 1975 & 76 which became July 4th airshows with fireworks. There were a lot of airshow pilots in the Ann Arbor area including: Bill Barber, Bob Barden, Danny Clishman, Eddie Green, Bob Lyjack, Jim Minning & several others. These shows lasted thru the mid 90s. The Piper Sky Sedan was in a hanger on the East side of the field. Bob Lyjack and several others tried to talk the owner /designer into letting them clean it up and put it on display for the 1st airshow. The previous Spring when a storm took off most of the roof of the hanger the airport manager, Bill Barber, and myself climbed down into the hanger under the pretense of checking for structural damage but mainly to look over the Sky Sedan. We wrote our initials and the date on the dust covered right elevator. I wanted to get some pictures the next day, before a new roof was installed, but the owner had found our we had been in the hanger and was quite upset with the airport manager. Bob Lyjack owns two hangers next to the the Sky Sedan. In one he keeps his Waco CTO N655N. Aug 6, 2010 in a discussion with him he said he was sure the Sky Sedan was still in the hanger there.


lawrence, e-mail, 03.04.2010 07:29

I would like to build a radio controled version of the
SKY SEDAN any information would be helpfull


carl shemwell, e-mail, 24.01.2010 17:13

this plane still sets in a hanger in michigan


richard van tries, e-mail, 08.04.2008 03:24

market decline did not kill this fine plane. howard and pug piper begged our boss willam piper to build it. He would not,i remember he did not think it would sell and any other reason he could think of !!!!


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