Piper PA-47 PiperJet


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Piper PA-47 PiperJet

The PiperJet was announced in October 2006, as a competitor to the twin-engined Eclipse 500 and Cessna Citation Mustang. The aircraft will be capable of carrying up to 7 passengers.

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 ENGINE1 x Williams FJ44-3AP turbofan
  Wingspan13.49 m44 ft 3 in
  Length10.87 m36 ft 8 in
  Height4.78 m16 ft 8 in
  Cruise speed670 km/h416 mph
  Ceiling11000 m36100 ft
  Range2400 km1491 miles

John Flinchum, e-mail, 16.09.2016 21:42

Why was Piper's turbojet Meridian not listed in this list? I designed the fuel system with one major goal: To eliminate the fuel selector, and end crashes due to fuel starvation with fuel still available in the fuel tanks. The system also maintains lateral fuel mass to 25 pounds max! As a former FAA DER (FAR23 and 25) it amazes me this feature has not been mandated by the FAA - especially single-engine aircraft.


deaftom, e-mail, 02.06.2013 07:46

Piper has dropped this project and, AFIK, the PiperJet /Altaire is now dead, no other company having expressed serious interest in acquiring the rights.


a.machiaverna, e-mail, 27.09.2011 08:49

single engined jet aircraft? need I say more?


Tom Chytil, e-mail, 05.12.2010 00:31

The aircraft shown above is a proof-of-concept aircraft only,but has flown at 350 knots in the test program.
The production version will have a rounder, bigger fuselage and is known as the Piperjet Altaire.


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