New Standard D-29 / NT-1


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New Standard D-29 / NT-1

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Milt, e-mail, 02.01.2011 19:10

N155M based at Merced CA for a number of years is now in the Naval Air Museum, Pensacola designated NT-1 in Marine Corps colors.


Chowder head, e-mail, 22.05.2008 22:06

The Model designation for the aircraft was D-25 and N930V flew for many years at Sun and Fun. N930V was last known to be at the home airport of EAA.
Fantasy of Flight did have two functioning aircraft


charles tennstedt, e-mail, 28.03.2008 21:32

In 1934 I soloed a New Standard biplane with a kinner
k-5 engine. If you replace the in-line engine in your presentation with the Kinner it weould be a very close representation of that airplane. There is also the new Standard {long wing} powered with a J-5 and carrying 4 passengers and pilot. A favorite of the barnstormers in the late 20's and the thirties. Fantasy of flight has at least one flying today. Near Lakeland Fl.


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