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North American XA2J

In 1948 North American began work on the NA-163 turboprop-powered derivative of the AJ-1 Savage, two prototypes being ordered in September of that year. The US Navy specified major changes, including deletion of the Allison J33 booster engine, and the first prototype North American XA2J-1 did not fly until 4 January 1952. Development was hampered by problems with the Allison XT40-A-6 engines, each of which comprised two T38 engines driving contra-rotating propellers through a gearbox, allowing either T38 in each unit to be shut down for long-range cruise. The three-man crew was provided with a pressurised cabin and defensive armament comprised two 20mm guns in a remotely-controlled barbette. Maximum offensive load was 4911kg of bombs. The completed second prototype was never flown.

 ENGINE2 x Allison XT40-A-6 turboprops
 ARMAMENT2 x 20mm cannons, 4900kg of weapons

Klaatu83, e-mail, 21.07.2014 01:26

The A2J was another victim of the Allison T-40 turboprop engine, which was essentially two turboprop engines coupled together to a single gearbox to drive contra-rotating propellers. The T-40 experienced many problems, and not one of the aircraft powered by the T-40 proved successful. Only one, the Convair R3Y Tradewind, ever went into production, and even that aircraft was retired after only two years.


David Montgomery, e-mail, 28.12.2007 03:18

I would like to obtain a good 3-view of the XA2J. I am an aircraft plans collector. Xerox OK. I have a large plans collection and will reciprocate.


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