Lockheed Vega Starliner


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Lockheed Vega Starliner

Designed by Lockheed's subsidiary AiRover Company, which by 1938 became the Vega Airplane Company, the Vega Starliner was a five/six-seat low-wing cabin monoplane with retractable landing gear and an unusual powerplant. This comprised two 194kW Menasco C6S-4 inline engines, mounted side-by-side, and coupled to drive together, or independently in emergency, a single propeller. First flown on 22 April 1939, the Starliner was abandoned after some 85 flight test hours as there was no demand for an aircraft in this category.

  Take-off weight2722 kg6001 lb
  Wingspan12.50 m41 ft 0 in
  Max. speed338 km/h210 mph

Dick G., e-mail, 15.03.2017 00:34

Can i get any color referance material regarding the color schemes used on the vega Starliner? The photos I have seen are Black and white.


Klaatu83, e-mail, 28.10.2015 04:43

A cabin monoplane of this type probably would have sold well a few years later, in the post-war general aviation market. Compare this airplane with the North American Navion or the Beechcraft Bonanza, both of which sold very well from the late 1940s through the 1950s.


Roger Willis, e-mail, 26.09.2014 00:28

I am building a flying scale model of the Vega Starliner 2. I would like to know its coloration [ both overall color and trim color [s].


F.E. Lind (retired EAL Capt., e-mail, 15.02.2010 06:34

Interesting concept -2 engines powering one prop with capability of flight with loss of one engine. Are there any still "alive", and if so, where located?


Paul Detige, e-mail, 27.12.2008 18:46

Like to know date (approx) of last flight.


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