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Learjet 60

The Learjet 60 was announced in October 1990 as the replacement for the mid-size Model 55C, from which it is derived, and a proof of concept airframe flew for the first time on 18 October 1990 powered by one Garrett TFE331-3A and one PW305 engine. The first twin-PW305-powered Learjet 60 made its first flight from Mid-Continent Airport, Wichita, on 13 June 1991, and certification and early deliveries are tar-getted for the end of 1992. The Model 60 is the largest of the Learjet family and incorporates new fuel-efficient engines, a fuselage 0.07m wider and stretched by 1.43m, a 'glass cockpit', 'steer by wire' nosewheel, and an optional higher MTOW of 10478kg. Thrust reversers and single-point refuelling are also standard equipment, and the aircraft features a full galley, together with an aft toilet. By mid-1991, Learjet claimed to have sold the first full year's production to customers in seven countries.

 ENGINE2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW305 turbofans, 1995kg
  Take-off weight10319 kg22750 lb
  Wingspan13.34 m44 ft 9 in
  Length17.88 m59 ft 8 in
  Height4.47 m15 ft 8 in
  Wing area24.57 m2264.47 sq ft
  Max. speed858 km/h533 mph
  Ceiling15545 m51000 ft
  Range4441 km2760 miles

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can i get more specifications of this model


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this is very cute


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