Eberhardt XF2G-1

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Eberhardt XF2G-1

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Barry, 06.07.2016 12:52

The XF2G-1 was a refit of the original FG which had been returned by the USN in 1927. The XF2G-1 first flight was in January 1928 and featured a revised float arrangement and new engine. It was returned to the Navy later that month, but crashed in sea trials in March 1928. No replacement was made.

Power plant 1 x 400 h.p Pratt & Whitney R1340-D Wasp nine cylinder radial.

Span 32'0" Length 26'3" Height 9'10" Wing area 241 sq ft
Gross weight 3,142 lb

Max speed 157 mph


Tom Everhart, e-mail, 07.02.2012 01:24

I would like more info. Does anyone have more Pics or info? Thanks, Tom Everhart


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