Consolidated Fleetster 17


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Consolidated Fleetster 17

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Barry, 05.07.2016 12:06

First flying on the 27th October 1929 there were eight different models in all. Built initially at the request of NYRBA (New York Rio Buenos Aires Line) the Fleetster had a crew of one and accommodation for eight passengers.

Model 17-1
Power plant 1 x 575 h.p Pratt & Whitney Hornet B radial

Span 45'0" Length 31'9" Height 10'2" Wing area 313 sq ft
Empty weight 3,326 lb Gross weight 5,600 lb

Max speed 180 mph Cruising speed 153 mph Range 675 miles Service ceiling 18,000 ft


Klaatu83, e-mail, 03.08.2014 20:59

The Fleetster was an airliner similar in configuration to the earlier Lockheed Vega, which had appeared two years earlier. However, the Fleetster differed in having an all-metal monocoque fuselage. A total of 26 were built.


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