Commercial Sunbeam C-1

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Commercial Sunbeam C-1

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Barry, 04.07.2016 23:20

With a cabin for four and a two seat open cockpit the Sunbeam first flew in 1929 and on the 27th November of that year claimed a 42 hour endurance record. The plane piloted by the two aviatrix Elinor Smith and Bobbie Trout stayed aloft by being refueled by a Curtis Carrier Pigeon. It was the failure of the Curtis which prevented the aircraft claiming even a longer record, however it was the first time that women had performed in flight refueling.

Power plant 1 x 220 h.p. Curtis Wright J-5 Whirlwind

Span 34'0" Length 27'0"

Max speed 125 mph Cruising speed 110 mph


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