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Cessna OW-6 / DC-6 / UC-77

In November 1928 the CW-6 was flown. A six-seater powered by a 164kW Wright Whirlwind J-5 radial engine, it appeared at the 1929 Auto Show in Wichita. A scaled-down four-seat version, the Model DC-6 with a 127kW Curtiss Challenger engine, was rolled out in February 1929. This entered production in two versions, the DC-6A and DC-6B powered respectively by the 224kW Wright R-985 Whirlwind and the 168kW Wright J-6, both versions gaining type certificates in September 1929. The depression which followed the Wall Street crash restricted production, of the two models to around 24 of each, some of which were taken on charge by the USAAF in 1942 as the UC-77 and UC-77A respectively.

In an attempt to keep the factory going, Cessna designed and marketed the CG-2 primary glider. Eldon Cessna, Clyde's son, designed the single-seat 19kW Cleone-powered EC-1 and two-seat EC-2 with a 22kW E-107A engine, both intended as low-cost, cheap-to-operate aircraft to meet the new economic conditions. Only the glider achieved production status, however, before the company ceased operations, not to resume until January 1934.

Uncle Rob, e-mail, 11.06.2014 04:33

There was the Airmaster. An article of interest to modelers can be found at airplanesandrockets dot com /airplanes /cessna-airmaster-may-1974-aam


Erick, e-mail, 18.01.2013 04:43

does anyone knows the specification of CESSNA CW-6?


Alan Duaine, e-mail, 13.07.2011 18:48

I've always remembered my first plane ride as a Cessna 'Cloudmaster.' The air museum out in Orange County has what in memory looks like the same bird, but they call it something else, ending in 'Master,' I forget what. Has there ever been a 'Cloudmaster,' or did I just dream that one up?


Noel Allard, e-mail, 07.02.2011 17:56

Looking for scale three-view drawings of DC-6A and B for building scale models of both. Can anyone help?


Chris Stevens, e-mail, 02.05.2008 23:04

Do you know where I can find the dimensions of a Cessna DC-6? I'd like to make a R /C model of this aircraft.


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