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Cessna AA

In 1911 Clyde V. Cessna built his first aircraft, a Bleriot-type monoplane powered by a 45kW Elbridge engine, and followed it with several more designs before he formed the Travel Air Manufacturing Company, with Walter Beech and Lloyd Stearman, in February 1925. Cessna soon withdrew from the Travel Air organisation and, with Victor Roos, set up the Cessna-Roos Aircraft Company in September 1927, founding the Cessna Aircraft Company Inc. in December 1927 following the departure of Roos.

The first Cessna design to enter series production was the Cessna Model A, the first of a long and immensely successful line of high-wing monoplanes which is perpetuated to this day in Cessna's single-engined range. A four-seater of mixed wood and steel-tube construction with fabric covering, the type was built in several versions with different engines: 14 of the Model AA were manufactured with an 89kW Anzani, one of the Model AC with a 97kW Comet, three of the Model AF with a 112kW Floco/Axelson, four of the Model AS with a 93kW Siemens-Halske, and 48 of the Model AW powered by a 93kW Warner Scarab. A three-seat version was known as the Model BW, of which 13 were built with a 164kW Wright J-5 engine.

Cessna AW

Cessna BW

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Barry, 04.03.2016 13:16

Span 40'2" Length 24'7" Height 6'9" Empty Weight 1,226 lb Max t /o Weight 2,260 lb
Walter Scarab engine Max Speed 128 mph Cruising Speed 110 mph


john raptis, e-mail, 09.03.2011 02:42

I knew of this airplane where it was flown every day.
It was flown every day out of Stinson airport La grange airport Ill. There should have been more of them. This one had a Warner engine of 145 hp or a 165 HP. I wonder if there are a few still flying.Good airplane.About 1936-1938


Richard Cole, e-mail, 14.09.2010 17:34

I feel that these planes have something that has been lost in later aircraft, To me they possess a beauty which is all conquering, I really wish I had an 'aw' to fly & I wish that fellow on another site had named the airfield that the plane was rotting away on. To sum it up "beautiful"


David, e-mail, 05.06.2010 12:51

No struts in the '20s for the wings! Wonder why they only did it with 2 other planes in the '60s to '80s time frame, while the rest have struts on the wings.


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