Cessna Model 525 CitationJet


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Cessna Model 525 CitationJet

In 1989 Cessna announced the development of the six-seat Model 525 CitationJet, a new small business jet designed to succeed the original Model 500 and Citation I. The company estimates the market for this class of aircraft as more than 1,000 over the next 10 years. Featuring a shorter fuselage, shorter span laminar flow wings, T-tail and increased cabin height than the earlier machines, the prototype Model 525 is scheduled to fly in the spring of 1991, with single-pilot certification planned for October 1992 followed by first customer deliveries in December.

 MODELCessna Citationjet
 ENGINE2 x Rolls-Royce Williams International FJ44 turbofan engines, 860kg each
  Cruise speed703 km/h437 mph
  Ceiling12497 m41000 ft
  Range2779 km1727 miles

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