Cessna Model 510 Citation Mustang


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Cessna Model 510 Citation Mustang

The Cessna Citation Mustang, Model 510, is a "very light jet" (VLJ) class business jet. In its standard configuration it has four passenger seats in the aft cabin, toilet and seating for two in the cockpit. Like most other very light jets, the Mustang is approved for single-pilot operation.

 ENGINE2 x 660kg Pratt & Whitney Canada PW615F turbofan
  Take-off weight3930 kg8664 lb
  Empty weight3062 kg6751 lb
  Wingspan13.16 m43 ft 2 in
  Length12.37 m41 ft 7 in
  Height4.09 m13 ft 5 in
  Max. speedM0.63M0.63
  Cruise speed630 km/h391 mph
  Ceiling12500 m41000 ft
  Rate of climb917 m/min3000 ft/min
  Range2160 km1342 miles

Kevin Morrow, e-mail, 21.06.2011 13:32

Yay I'm the first to comment!

This aircraft looks cool even I've seen it before...


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