Cessna Model 425 Corsair


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Cessna Model 425 Corsair

In November 1977 Cessna began the design of a new pressurised light business aircraft and the prototype flew for the first time on 12 September 1978. The aircraft combined the airframe of the Model 421 Golden Eagle with two Pratt & Whitney of Canada PT6A turboprop engines. Other features included the dihedral tailplane of the Model 404, all endowing the new aircraft, introducedin 1980 as the Cessna Model 425 Corsair, with higher cruising speeds and operating altitudes. Like the Model 421, the Corsair offered six/eight seat accommodation in varying interior layouts and a wide range of cabin furnishings together with a high standard of avionics and equipment. The Corsair was certified in mid-1980 and first deliveries made in November the same year. Late in 1982 the aircraft was retrospectively designated and marketed as the Corsair I and 226 had been delivered when production terminated in 1986. The Garrett-engined Corsair II was built as the Model 441

 MODELModel 425 Corsair
 ENGINE2 x Pratt & Whitney Aircraft of Canada PT6A-112 turboprops, 335kW
  Take-off weight3901 kg8600 lb
  Loaded weight2229 kg4914 lb
  Wingspan13.45 m44 ft 2 in
  Length10.93 m36 ft 10 in
  Height3.84 m13 ft 7 in
  Wing area20.90 m2224.97 sq ft
  Cruise speed489 km/h304 mph
  Ceiling10180 m33400 ft
  Range2919 km1814 miles

Clinton McKenzie, e-mail, 09.02.2011 19:24

During my FAR135 days we called this a Conquest I. Great pilots airplane.


Scott Boyd, e-mail, 12.04.2010 07:46

Of all the 400 series Cessna's this is my favorite and I have flown all but the 411. The biggest problem with others was the care needed in handling the complex and overtaxed engines.

Shallow descents and very smooth power changes were needed to get anywhere the advertised life. PT-6's just kept running and made the 425 one of the easiest airplanes to fly.


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