Cessna Model 404 Titan


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Cessna Model 404 Titan

On 26 February 1975 Cessna flew the prototype of its new twin-engined Cessna Model 404, subsequently named Titan, of which initial deliveries began in October 1976. In appearance it is generally similar to the turboprop-powered Conquest, which flew later, and the two aircraft shared what was then a new feature for Cessna twins, a tailplane incorporating dihedral. Powered by two Continental GTSIO-520-M turbocharged engines, the Titan offered an increase of more than 30% in ton/miles per gallon by comparison with the Cessna 402. Two versions were available initially, the Titan Ambassador passenger aircraft which offered an alternative executive interior, and the Titan Courier, a utility version for passengers or cargo, with seats for up to 10 passengers.

Until the spring of 1982, seven variants were available, comprising the standard Titan Ambassador, the Titan Ambassador II and Titan Ambassador III, the two latter having factory-installed avionic/equipment packages; the standard Titan Courier and Titan Courier II versions, the latter with the same avionic/equipment package as the Ambassador II; and the standard Titan Freighter and Titan Freighter II versions, both able to carry 1588kg of cargo and equipped with factory-installed avionics and impact resistant polycarbonate interiors to protect the fuselage from payload damage. When Titan production ceased in April 1982, 378 had been sold.

Cessna Model 404 TitanA three-view drawing (1000 x 532)

 MODELCessna Titan Ambassador Type
 ENGINE2 x Continental GTSIO-520-M flat-six turbocharged piston engines, 280kW
  Take-off weight3810 kg8400 lb
  Empty weight2192 kg4833 lb
  Wingspan14.12 m46 ft 4 in
  Length12.04 m40 ft 6 in
  Height4.04 m13 ft 3 in
  Wing area22.48 m2241.97 sq ft
  Max. speed430 km/h267 mph
  Cruise speed303 km/h188 mph
  Range3410 km2119 miles

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