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Cessna Model 205 on floats

The Cessna Model 205, introduced in 1962, was developed from the Model 182, although in appearance it was a fixed landing gear version of the Cessna 210. Indeed, FAA certification on 14 June 1962 was under the designation Model 210-5. Powered by a 194kW Continental engine, the Model 205 was complementary to the tailwheel Model 185 Skywagon, having similar performance at slightly greater weight. Deliveries began in August 1962, and in December 1963 Cessna introduced the Model 205A with detail improvements. Around 600 of the Model 205/ 205A series were built before the type was superseded at the end of 1963.

The Model 205/205A series was available with agricultural equipment and could be flown, like most of the single-engine high-wing Cessna range, with floats, skis or various sizes of wheels.

 MODELModel 205A
 ENGINE1 x Continental IO-460-S flat-six piston engine, 194kW
  Take-off weight1497 kg3300 lb
  Empty weight794 kg1750 lb
  Wingspan11.15 m37 ft 7 in
  Length8.46 m28 ft 9 in
  Height2.97 m10 ft 9 in
  Wing area16.3 m2175.45 sq ft
  Max. speed278 km/h173 mph
  Cruise speed261 km/h162 mph
  Ceiling4905 m16100 ft
  Range1633 km1015 miles

Mike D, e-mail, 09.07.2016 01:33

The 210-5, a.k.a. "205" is a fixed gear version of the 210 C.I owned a 1964 model and sold it when I could not get floats for it. There are no approved floats for the 205 and it would need an engine upgrade to fly floats.


Richard Pulley, 18.01.2015 09:01

Tail Number CFXEI is a 1968 Cessna U206C


Dick Strohmeyer, e-mail, 05.09.2012 04:26

How could the site leave out the 206 Model as the natural evolution of the 205? It is the workhorse in Alaska. I have one on Aerocet floats and it is a dream to fly on the water.


Bob Jourdan, e-mail, 22.08.2011 19:25

I owned a 205 back in the 1980s and flew it all over the western states. Performance was similar to that of the 182, but it would carry a much heavier load. With only two aboard, this was a great short field aircraft. We used it mostly as a two or four place which left lots of room for baggage. Of the seven aircraft we had owned, the 205 was by far the best. It was much more economical than the 206, but performed about the same.


Bill Stiver, e-mail, 11.12.2010 18:18

I have a cessna 205 and have also heard that they were not approved for floats as there was not enough rudder. It is however a great fixed gear airplane. i call it the
Flying Station Wagon.


Charles Everhardt III, e-mail, 11.12.2008 20:54

I can't help but notice the floats, but after quizing all the major float manufacturers, all state that there are no model floats approved for this aircraft. Maybe it was under a field approval? Can anyone help me?


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