Berliner-Joyce XOJ-3

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Berliner-Joyce XOJ-3

OJ-2 converted as seaplane

Barry, 02.03.2016 16:30

Berliner Joyce was founded when Henry Berliner's Berliner Aircraft Company of Alexandria Virginia merged with Captain Temple Nach Joyce of Maryland Aviation Commission on 4th February 1929. Eventually this company was taken over by North American Aircraft, whereupon Joyce left and joined Bellanca and then shortly after Berliner left to join the Engineering and Research Company. Berliner Joyce becoming the BJ division of North American and was moved from Maryland to Inglewood California.

The XOJ-3 was the last of the XOJ models. The first model the XOJ-1 was built to fulfil a USN requirement for a light observation plane to be used from cruisers. An initial order was placed in March 1932 for 18 OJ-2 twin float models powered by a 400 h.p. Pratt & Whitney R985 Wasp radial. Further orders were made in May 1933 and December of the same year for nine and twelve aircraft respectively. The XOJ-3 was a revised model featuring a single float and enclosed cockpit but was not ordered into production.
Spec for OJ-2
Span 33'8" Length 25'8" Height 10'10" Wing area 284.2 Square Feet Empty Weight 2,323 lb Gross Weight 3.629 lb
Max Speed 151 mph Service Ceiling 15,300 ft Range 530 miles

Armament 1 x .30 forward firing machine gun and one of similar calibre on flexible mounting in the rear. 250 lb of bombs under port wing


Sandy Sanders, e-mail, 21.09.2010 01:44

I understand that Berliner-Joyce was absorbed or bought out by North American some time in the 30's and that is why the Navy designation for N.A. is J. Evidently Berliner was dropped or bought out by Joyce.


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