Berliner-Joyce XFJ-1


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Berliner-Joyce XFJ-1

Having a semi-monocoque stressed-skin fuselage with fabric-covered metal wings, the XFJ-1 single-seat experimental shipboard fighter featured an upper wing faired into the fuselage which was strut-braced above the lower wing. Proposed armament comprised two 7.62mm synchronised machine guns and power was provided by a 450hp Pratt & Whitney R-1340C Wasp nine-cylinder radial air-cooled engine. The XFJ-1 was ordered on 16 May 1929, and flown for the first time in May 1930, but evinced extremely poor landing characteristics and was damaged in a landing accident at Anacostia early in its flight programme. It was returned to the Berliner-Joyce Corporation in November 1930 for reconstruction and modification, reappearing as the XFJ-2.

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Berliner-Joyce XFJ-1A three-view drawing (1647 x 1230)

  Take-off weight1269 kg2798 lb
  Empty weight928 kg2046 lb
  Wingspan8.53 m28 ft 0 in
  Length6.27 m21 ft 7 in
  Height2.99 m10 ft 10 in
  Wing area16.63 m2179.00 sq ft
  Max. speed277 km/h172 mph
  Range1152 km716 miles

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