Berliner-Joyce XFJ-2


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Berliner-Joyce XFJ-2

After the return of the XFJ-1 to Berliner-Joyce for reconstruction in November 1930, the dihedral was eliminated from the upper wing, which was given gull configuration, the vertical tail surfaces were enlarged and a 500hp R-1340D Wasp engine was installed, this being enclosed by a Townend ring and fitted with a spinner. In this form, the fighter was redesignated XFJ-2, resuming its flight test programme at Anacosta on 22 May 1931. The XFJ-2 displayed no improvement in landing characteristics by comparison with the XFJ-1 and proved unstable, and after testing by the US Navy was discarded as unsatisfactory.

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  Take-off weight1291 kg2846 lb
  Empty weight953 kg2101 lb
  Wingspan8.69 m29 ft 6 in
  Length6.28 m21 ft 7 in
  Height2.99 m10 ft 10 in
  Wing area16.59 m2178.57 sq ft
  Max. speed285 km/h177 mph
  Range837 km520 miles

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