Berliner-Joyce XF3J-1


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Berliner-Joyce XF3J-1

Designed by the US Navy Bureau of Aeronautics, turned over to the Berliner-Joyce Corporation for development and construction and ordered on 30 June 1932, the XF3J-1 experimental single-seat shipboard fighter was completed in January 1934. Of all-metal construction with a semi-monocoque fuselage and fabric-covered wings, the XF3J-1 was powered by a 625hp Wright XR-1510-26 radial and carried an armament of two 7.62mm synchronised machine guns. Provision was made for two 50kg bombs beneath the wings. Although offering a good performance, the XF3J-1 was surpassed by the Grumman XF2F-1, and no further development was undertaken.

Berliner-Joyce XF3J-1A three-view drawing (1653 x 1227)

  Empty weight1233 kg2718 lb
  Wingspan8.84 m29 ft 0 in
  Length6.98 m23 ft 11 in
  Height3.28 m11 ft 9 in
  Wing area22.26 m2239.60 sq ft
  Max. speed336 km/h209 mph
  Range1157 km719 miles

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