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Berliner-Joyce P-16 / PB-1

The first military aircraft designed and built by the Berliner-Joyce Corporation, the P-16 (later redesignated PB-1) was a tandem two-seat fighter designed to the requirements of a USAAC contest held in April 1929. The prototype XP-16, powered by a supercharged Curtiss V-1570A Conqueror 12-cylinder liquid-cooled engine rated at 600hp, appeared in October 1929, and was of fabric-covered metal construction with an upper wing of gull configuration. Armament comprised two fixed forward-firing 7.62mm machine guns and a third weapon of similar calibre on a flexible mounting in the rear cockpit. Five 11kg or two 55kg bombs could be carried.

Two contracts were issued for a total of 25 service test aircraft as YlP-16s, these being essentially similar to the prototype apart from having the unsupercharged V-1570-25 Conqueror which was also rated at 600hp. The YlP-16s were delivered in 1932 and were later redesignated as PB-1s (pursuit-biplace). These proved to possess insufficient manoeuvrability to oppose single-seat fighters, offered extremely poor visibility for landing and displayed a tendency to nose over. As a consequence they were withdrawn from USAAC service on 31 January 1934.

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Berliner-Joyce P-16 / PB-1A three-view drawing (1660 x 1213)

 ENGINE1 x 600hp Ņurtiss V-1570-25 Conqueror
  Take-off weight1813 kg3997 lb
  Empty weight1271 kg2802 lb
  Wingspan10.36 m34 ft 0 in
  Length8.59 m28 ft 2 in
  Height2.74 m9 ft 0 in
  Wing area25.92 m2279.00 sq ft
  Max. speed282 km/h175 mph
  Cruise speed243 km/h151 mph
  Ceiling6585 m21600 ft
  Rate of climb654 m/min2150 ft/min
  Range1046 km650 miles
 ARMAMENT3 x 7.62mm

Tom Brittain, e-mail, 15.08.2017 04:27

building 1 /4 scale p16 and looking for cockpit detail interior for pilot and cunner position.


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