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Bellanca Aircruiser

The Airbus single-engine D transport aircraft was developed from an earlier high-wing design - the Model K - and the type took Bellanca's wing bracing concept to a new level by creating a partial lower wing with an undercarriage which was enclosed below the main bracing point. Although the onset of the Great Depression impacted sales, an order was received from the USAAC for 14 examples initially, the first four deliveries designated Y1C-27 and the later 10 with an uprated engine.The Airbus was further developed and renamed as the Aircruiser; however, regulation changes in the USA during the mid-1930s made operation of single-engined aircraft for transport services difficult. Remaining sales of the Aircruiser were therefore concentrated in Canada, where float conversion was popular because of the many lakes and isolated settlements. There were 23 examples of all types built.

Bellanca Aircruiser

 ENGINE1 x 650hp Pratt & Whitney Hornet S3D1G radial engine
  Take-off weight4613 kg10170 lb
  Payload15003307 lb
  Wingspan19.81 m65 ft 0 in
  Length13.03 m43 ft 9 in
  Height3.52 m12 ft 7 in
  Max. speed259 km/h161 mph
  Ceiling4875 m16000 ft
  Range1046 km650 miles

John Dale, e-mail, 19.02.2018 05:24

It's surprising that the Bellancas after 1938 are still being flown. The 14-13-2 Cruisair, The 14-19 Cruisemaster series, the 17-30 Viking series for examples. They are missing! And you can go to many airports and find them.


Geoffrey Pool, e-mail, 17.11.2013 12:54

My comment is not about this aircraft, but about the absence of any mention of the Bellanca 14-9l Cruisair, one of which hanging at Charlotte Airport, North Carolina (N1KQ) that used to belong to State Airlines, as it says on the fuselage. This must be a famous aircraft in some way.


Gene Zutell, e-mail, 14.10.2013 06:14

In the summer of 2012, I saw a Bellanca Aircruiser in an aircraft museum just a few miles south of Tillamook, Oregon. The museum is housed in an old all wood WWII Navy blimp hanger. Quite a building.


Al nelson, e-mail, 16.07.2010 00:48

I work for the Western Canada Aviation Museum in Winnipeg. We tried for many years to acquire the Bellanca, CF-BTW but the asking price, (about one million), was way beyond our means. I don't know what Jack paid for it but I am sure it was more than we could afford. We tried for several years to get the previous owner to let us have it at a reasonable price but he wanted cash.
By the way, Jack erickson was kind enough to donate some parts (tires, wheels and brakes), for our restoration of CF-AWR.


j.d. anderson, e-mail, 16.07.2009 08:40

This aircraft was sold c /w wheels, skies, and floats in the mid 80,s to Ericson of Ericson skycrane in medford oregon and flown from canada to its new home in medford.
Although I complement ericson for having aquired this aircraft, I was disappointed that some real attempt to buy by some canadain museum, as the real history of this aircraft was all canadian as a real bush plane both summer and winter. j.d.anderson
ps I do have pics of the above aircraft in its new hanger


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