Barnhart Wampus Kat


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Barnhart Wampus Kat

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Graham Clayton, e-mail, 13.02.2021 05:22

The only aircraft manufactured in Pasadena. One of the unusual features was a control by which either or both motors may be operated. The location of the hangar where the Twin 15 was destroyed is now part of the Altadena Golf Course.


Barry, 30.06.2016 18:38

Designed by the aviation pioneer George Edward "Eddie" Barnhart and constructed at the C.R.Little Aircraft Works Pasadena the Barnhart Twin 15 was a twin engined four passenger aircraft. I made it's first flight in 1920 and was wrecked in a storm the following year.

Span 50'0" Length 30'10" Height 11'0" Wing area 485 sq ft
Gross weight 4.015 lb

Cruising speed 90 mph Service ceiling 11,600 ft


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