Bach 3CT4

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Bach 3CT4

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Barry, 30.06.2016 17:15

This was just one version of the Bach Air Yacht of which there were 21 built - 2 of this model.

Power plant 1 Pratt & Whitney Wasp radial in the nose and
2 x Ryan - Seimens 9 radials in the wings.

Accommodation 2 crew and 10 passengers.

Span 58'5" Length 36'10" Height 9'9" Wing area 512 sq ft
Empty weight 4,739 lb Gross weight 8,000 lb

Max speed 154 mph Cruising speed 126 mph Range 600 miles


Rob Bach, e-mail, 07.01.2015 07:17

I have the entire history of the Bach Aircraft Company and hundreds of pictures if anyone needs info


kayla, 30.09.2009 03:11

come on im in the 5th grade


Kayla, e-mail, 30.09.2009 03:05

For a school project.


Kayla, 30.09.2009 03:03

I need info.


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