Alcor DUO-6


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Alcor DUO-6

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Barry, 18.02.2016 18:41

Strictly speaking this plane was not an Alcor product. After he left the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation when taken over by the Detroit Aircraft Corporation, Alan Loughhead formed Lockheed Brothers Aircraft Corporation with his brother Malcolm, having worked together previously in the 1920's. Their first product was the Olympic Duo 4 which was a twin engined 4 to 6 seat cabin monoplane. The two Menasco C4 Pirate engines were set side by side with a 3 inch clearance of the propeller blades. After suffering a crash at Muroc the Duo 4 was not repaired owing to a lack of funds. Eventually Alan slowly rebuilt the plane but this time using two six cylinder 230 h.p. Menasco Buccaneer engines, hence the Duo 6. This aeroplane first flew in 1934. The Lockheed Brothers Aircraft Corporation went out of business in 1934, but Alan persisted with the Duo 6 and in 1937 formed Alcor. The picture above shows Alan in front of
the Duo 6.
Span 42'Length 28'6" Empty weight 2,265 lb Loaded weight 5,090 lb
Max speed 183 mph Cruising speed 157 mph Range 660 miles Service ceiling 18,500 ft.


rj, e-mail, 30.08.2010 00:51

See "History of airplanes" Google search for plans and specs.


denis carroll, e-mail, 29.10.2009 01:19

hi there , does anyone know where i could find more drawings, photo's, dimensions or plans of the alcor duo 6 , as i am planning to build an r /c model (approx 1 /5th scale). any help would be much apreciated. regards , denis .


PUJOL Michel, e-mail, 18.12.2007 19:02

Hello , I am fond of planes , and a friend of me gave a photo of "HILLER's" collection with the duo photographied with Pancho Barnes .
They told this plane was a WRIGHT which crashed during a landing because of the wind becoming by side.
Excuse my English and so long maybe by the net .
I do aeromodels and my first motor was english (0.75 cm3)
I do not remember the mark ...too far ...I was ten years old , 50 ago .
I live in VAR (83) downside and right of France .
To day -5C, very cold.
So long .Michel


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