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EKW C.35

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Barry, 19.09.2016 18:23

Built by the Swiss Federal Construction Works (Eidgonoessische Konstruktionswerkstatte) the EKW C.35 biplane was built alongside the C.36 monoplane as a replacement for the Fokker C.Ve in the Swiss Air Force. First flying in 1936, some 40 were ordered, with the first entering service in 1937 and all deliveries completed by the end of 1938. A further order for eight was made and these were built from spares between 1941 and 1942. Withdrawn from front line use in 1943 the last was retired in 1954.

Power plant 1 x 860 h.p. Hispano Suiza HS-77 water cooled piston engine (License built H.S. 12 Ycrs)

Crew 2

Span 42'11" Length 31'3" Height 12'4" Wing area 344 sq ft
Empty weight 4,828 lb Gross weight 6,900 lb

Max speed 208 mph Range 466 miles
Service ceiling 26,250 ft

Armament 1 x 20 mm cannon firing through propeller hub
2 x 7.5 mm machine guns in wings
1 x 7.5 mm flexible machine gun in rear cockpit
50 lb bombs on under wing racks


Mariano, e-mail, 18.04.2009 20:23

These aircraft were in service in the early years of World War II, were involved along with other aircraft of the Swiss Air Force in aerial incidents that were with the Luftwaffe during 1940, in border areas, due to the German advance on France


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