Canton-Unne Monoplane


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Canton-Unne Monoplane

A monoplane with tractor and pusher propellers.

Terrence I. Murphy, e-mail, 05.02.2012 02:43

In 1910 Canton and Unne succeeded in actually flying a second machine, this one a monoplane with a cut-off fuselage, tail booms, and tricycle gear. The central section of the wing was built integral with the wooden fuselage, the 2 outer panels warping for control. Their engine (some accounts report the same one used previously) was mounted as before, the pilot seated behind it. Pedals operated the rudder, a lever at the left for wing-warping, and another at the right for the elevator. This extraordinary machine was tested as early as mid-January 1910; Canton flew it on 14 March, and other pilots took turns afterwards. On 8 June after a hard landing by Lhomme, the aeroplane caught fire.

(Span: 10.5 m; length: 8 m; wing area: 28 sqm; empty weight: 420 kg; 7-cylinder 90 hp Canton-Unne)


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