Sukhoi P-1


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Sukhoi P-1

During 1957, the Sukhoi OKB began construction of the prototype of a new tailed-delta interceptor, the two-seat P-1 (the prefix letter indicating Perekhvatchik, or interceptor) intended to meet a requirement for a fighter equipped with collision-course radar and carrying a mixed armament of guided and unguided missiles plus cannon. Flown in 1958, the P-1 had a 57 delta wing with dog-tooth leading edges and lateral air intakes with translating centrebodies. Power was provided by an unspecified turbojet with a maximum afterburning thrust of 10600kg and armament included a battery of 50 unguided spin-stabilised 57mm rocket missiles, provision being made for a single 37mm cannon and guided missiles on underwing pylons. Poor engine reliability and serious delay in development of the intended X-band radar led to discontinuation of development of the P-1 at a comparatively early stage in flight test.

Sukhoi P-1

 MODELP-1 (estimated)
  Take-off weight17010 kg37501 lb
  Wingspan9.50 m31 ft 2 in
  Length21.30 m70 ft 11 in
  Max. speed2050 km/h1274 mph
  Ceiling19500 m64000 ft
  Range2000 km1243 miles

Sukhoi P-1A three-view drawing (1678 x 955)

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