Polikarpov MR-1


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Polikarpov MR-1

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Polikarpov MR-1A three-view drawing (1976 x 1214)

 ENGINE1 x 400hp M-5
  Take-off weight2580 kg5688 lb
  Empty weight1830 kg4034 lb
  Wingspan14.0 m46 ft 11 in
  Length10.6 m35 ft 9 in
  Wing area44.6 m2480.07 sq ft
  Max. speed179 km/h111 mph
  Ceiling3680 m12050 ft
  Range650 km404 miles

Barry, 10.06.2016 18:00

A seaplane version of the R-1 noted elsewhere. A total of 124 of these D.H.9 copies, with their copied Liberty engine, were built serving in the Black Sea and at Leningrad, also on the Dnepr and Amur rivers. The last were retired from service in 1933.


hannah, e-mail, 26.11.2010 07:43

i think this website is really cool and this aircraft pic lookes really real when it is though but i do think that the picture needs color to see the real artifacts about this substances


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