Mikoyan/Gurevich I-231


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Mikoyan/Gurevich I-231

A third I-230 airframe was completed early in 1943 with a 1800hp Mikulin AM-39 12-cylinder Vee-type engine and the Izdeliye designation 2D. Apart from the tailplane which was set 20cm lower, this aircraft was basically similar to the first I-230 and retained the same armament of twin synchronised cannon. Assigned the official designation of I-231, the prototype was written off in a landing accident shortly after the completion of factory testing and further development was discontinued.

Mikoyan/Gurevich I-231A three-view drawing (1670 x 1217)

  Take-off weight3287 kg7247 lb
  Empty weight2583 kg5695 lb
  Max. speed707 km/h439 mph
  Range1350 km839 miles

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