Mikoyan/Gurevich I-211


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Mikoyan/Gurevich I-211

After completion by the TsAGI of full-scale wind tunnel testing of the I-210 alias IKh, the OKB redesigned the junction between the engine cowling and the fuselage. It moved the pilot's cockpit aft, enlarged the vertical tail surfaces, redesigned the engine cowling and repositioned the oil cooler intakes in the wing roots. The undercarriage was redesigned, power was provided by a Shvetsov M-82F radial engine of 1700hp and armament was restricted to a pair of wing-mounted 20mm ShVAK cannon. Only the outer wing panels of the MiG-3 remained and slots were applied to these. This thoroughgoing redesign of the I-210 was referred to as the I-211, or Ye, a pre-series batch of 10 aircraft being laid down of which the first flew in August 1942. Factory testing was completed within one month, the results being highly successful, but no manufacturing capacity was available for production, and all aerodynamic data and information on the slots were passed to the Lavochkin OKB as a result of a ministerial request.

Mikoyan/Gurevich I-211A three-view drawing (1667 x 1150)

  Take-off weight3100 kg6834 lb
  Empty weight2528 kg5573 lb
  Wingspan10.20 m33 ft 6 in
  Length7.95 m26 ft 1 in
  Height3.63 m12 ft 11 in
  Wing area17.44 m2187.72 sq ft
  Max. speed670 km/h416 mph
  Range1140 km708 miles

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