Mikoyan/Gurevich DIS (MiG-5)


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Mikoyan/Gurevich DIS (MiG-5)

Assigned the Izdeliye (Product) designation T, the design of a DIS {Dalniy istrebitel soprovozhdenya), or long-range escort fighter, began in 1940, competing proposals being the Grushin Gr-1, Polikarpov TIS and Tairov Ta-3. The MiG DIS-200 was designed initially for Charomskii M-30 or M-40 engines, but the non-availability of these led to installation of two 1400hp Mikulin AM-37 12-cylinder Vee-type engines in the first prototype, which had an armament of two 12.7mm BS and four 7.62mm ShKAS machine guns, plus one 23mm VYa cannon in a detachable ventral pod which could be replaced by a single 1000kg bomb or a torpedo. Ground tests began on 15 May 1941, and the first flight took place before the end of the month. Series production of the DIS (as the MiG-5) was ordered, but cancelled shortly afterwards owing to lack of manufacturing capacity. Nonetheless, a second prototype, also referred to as the DIS-200, but assigned the Izdeliye designation IT, was flown in January 1942 with 1700hp Shvetsov M-82F 14-cylinder radials. This had an armament of four 7.62mm ShKAS and two 12.7mm BS machine guns and two 23mm VYa cannon, a maximum speed of 604km/h at 5000m, attaining that altitude within 6.3 min and having a range of 2500km. The primary VVS requirement at this stage of the conflict was short-range tactical aircraft, and further DIS development was discontinued.

Mikoyan/Gurevich DIS (MiG-5)

 MODELDIS (first prototype)
  Take-off weight8060 kg17769 lb
  Empty weight6140 kg13536 lb
  Wingspan15.10 m50 ft 6 in
  Length10.87 m36 ft 8 in
  Height3.40 m11 ft 2 in
  Wing area38.90 m2418.72 sq ft
  Max. speed610 km/h379 mph
  Range2280 km1417 miles

Mikoyan/Gurevich DIS (MiG-5)A three-view drawing (1673 x 1160)

NHschreiner, e-mail, 24.10.2016 02:43

Anybody have balsa model plans for this plane


Dalhats Laudzafata Avicena, e-mail, 06.04.2014 18:26

Good aircraft, but saddly, they discontinued this project.


Thalb, e-mail, 30.11.2011 23:35

With the originally planned engines, this might have become the only fighter aircraft with Diesel engines ever!
Nevertheless an interesting aircraft, and as a long-range fighter-bomber it would have been very useful - especially for the USSR with its vast territory.


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