Mikoyan/Gurevich SN


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Mikoyan/Gurevich SN

Despite termination of trials in 1951 with the SU derivative of the MiG-15 featuring paired 23mm cannon on articulated mountings, the basic concept of gun armament capable of elevation and depression for air-air use was persisted with by the MiG OKB. In 1953, flight testing of a more sophisticated development of the concept began as Izdeliye SN. A variation of the MiG-17, the SN was the first fighter of MiG design to feature lateral air intakes, the 2900kg VK-1A turbojet being fed via circular orifices against concave fuselage sides forward of the wing roots. This arrangement permitted installation of the so-called SV-25 armament system consisting of a trio of 23mm TKB-495 cannon mounted asymmetrically (one to port and two to starboard) on an articulated mounting in the nose section. Operated electrically, the cannon could be elevated to 27 26' and depressed to 9 48', the complete SV-25 system weighing 469kg. Trials with the SN were discontinued owing to aiming complexities combined with advances in air-to-air missiles.

Mikoyan/Gurevich SN

  Take-off weight5620 kg12390 lb
  Empty weight4152 kg9154 lb
  Wingspan9.63 m32 ft 7 in
  Length12.33 m40 ft 5 in
  Height3.80 m12 ft 6 in
  Wing area22.60 m2243.26 sq ft
  Max. speed1058 km/h657 mph
  Ceiling14500 m47550 ft

Mikoyan/Gurevich SNA three-view drawing (1653 x 1098)

Mikoyan/Gurevich SN

Dalhats Laudzafata Avicena, e-mail, 06.04.2014 15:25

I agree too, but maybe the Soviets werent ready for that.


Thalb, e-mail, 25.12.2011 01:05

Gun-gas ingestion problems must have been severe for this configuration! Any reports on this?

I agree with "bombardier" that this could have become a very interesting aircraft if the true potential of the increased space in the nose had been utilized.


bombardier, e-mail, 12.10.2011 16:10

If they had used the space in the nose for a large and powerful radar and not for a complicated pivoting cannon arrangement a very good interceptor would have been born.


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