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La-200, the first prototype

Designed to meet a requirement formulated in 1948 for a two-seat twin-engined all-weather interceptor, the La-200 was flown for the first time on 9 September 1949. Two prototypes were built, each powered by two 2700kg Klimov VK-1 turbojets mounted in tandem with the exhaust of the foremost engine ducted beneath the fuselage. The prototypes differed one from the other primarily in the location of the Torii (Thorium) AI radar, the first prototype having a conical intake centrebody and the second prototype having a radome underslung on the upper intake lip. Armament consisted of three 37mm N-37 cannon, one to port and two to starboard. The wing, sweptback 40 at the leading edge, was largely occupied by integral tankage and two large underwing slipper-type auxiliary tanks could boost maximum range from 1165 to 2000km.

The first prototype was flown on 9 September 1949, and the first and second flight test phases were completed by February and October 1950 respectively, Mach=0.946 being attained in level flight and Mach=1.01 in a dive. The second prototype joined the flight programme early 1951, the repositioned radar being of the improved Torii-A type, ammunition capacity being increased, a ventral keel being introduced and normal loaded weight rising to 10580kg. With the final NII VVS test phase completed in April 1951, a recommendation was made that series production of the La-200 should be initiated. This was thwarted, however, by the issue of a replacement specification in November 1951 calling for a substantial increase in range to permit all-weather standing patrols, and for the provision of heavier, longer-ranging radar. Further work on the La-200 was therefore discontinued in favour of the revised La-200B.

Lavochkin La-200

 MODELLa-200 (1st prototype)
  Take-off weight10375 kg22873 lb
  Empty weight7090 kg15631 lb
  Wingspan12.92 m42 ft 5 in
  Length16.59 m54 ft 5 in
  Wing area40.18 m2432.49 sq ft
  Max. speed1090 km/h677 mph
  Range1165 km724 miles

La-200, the second prototypeA three-view drawing of La-200, the second prototype (1647 x 1137)

bombardier, e-mail, 23.05.2011 14:29

One of the ugliest Soviet aircraft ever built


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