Lavochkin La-15


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Lavochkin La-15

A replacement prototype for the La-172 was designated La-174D (the suffix signifying dubler, literally "replacement"), and entered flight test in August 1948. This differed in only minor respects from the preceding prototype, and series production was ordered during the same month as the La-15, armament being reduced from three to two 23mm NS-23 cannon, and 6 of wing anhedral being added. The La-15 was powered by the RD-500 turbojet, the Soviet series version of the Derwent, deliveries to the VVS commencing in the late autumn of 1949. Production plans for the La-15 were, in the event, scaled down because of difficulties experienced in manufacturing in sufficient quantity the numerous milled parts employed in the structure, but several hundred were produced, these remaining in VVS service until 1954. A tandem two-seat conversion trainer version was evolved as the La-180, but only two examples of this variant were built.

Lavochkin La-15

  Take-off weight3850 kg8488 lb
  Empty weight2575 kg5677 lb
  Wingspan8.8 m29 ft 10 in
  Length9.0 m30 ft 6 in
  Wing area16.2 m2174.38 sq ft
  Max. speed1025 km/h637 mph
  Ceiling13000 m42650 ft
  Range1170 km727 miles

Lavochkin La-15A three-view drawing (1640 x 1007)

Lavochkin La-15

War, e-mail, 14.08.2016 19:52

Can you email me your sources for this craft?


jarecki, e-mail, 28.03.2008 16:18

Closely, about 400 were produced. The manufacture was cancelled because the famous MiG-15 was simplier and cheaper in production and had stronger undercarriage. The last attribute was very important, because many airbases in this time in Soviet Union had poor surface of runways. The performances of both aircrafts were closed.


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