Ilyushin IL-38


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Ilyushin IL-38

Known by NATO as May, the IL-38 is an anti-submarine maritime-patrol development of the IL-18 airliner. It has a lengthened fuselage fitted with an undernose radome, a MAD tail 'sting', other specialised electronic equipment and a weapon-carrying capability.

The IL-38 is a standard shore-based maritime-patrol aircraft of the Soviet Naval Air Force, operating widely over the Atlantic and Mediterranean. More recently U-38s of the Soviet Navy have operated over the Indian Ocean from an airfield in the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen.

In 1975 the Indian Navy ordered an initial batch of four U-38s, delivery of which began in 1977.

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The maritime reconnaissance/ASW IL-38 'May' was developed from the IL-18 airliner. This differs from the standard IL-18 by having a lengthened fuselage, MAD (magnetic anomaly detection) tail 'sting', weapon-carrying capability, and the wing located much further forward on the fuselage to offset the change in centre of gravity resulting from the introduction of more equipment and stores. About 60 are believed to be in use by the Soviet naval air force and one squadron in India.

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Ilyushin IL-38

 ENGINE4 x 4250hp Ivchenko AI-20M
  Empty weight34500 kg76060 lb
  Wingspan37.40 m123 ft 8 in
  Length39.57 m130 ft 10 in
  Max. speed724 km/h450 mph
  Ceiling11000 m36100 ft
  Range7240 km4499 miles
 ARMAMENT3000kg of weapons

Ilyushin IL-38

Sergei, e-mail, 23.11.2010 17:27

"About 100 were built"
57 only :( and 4 crashed while 5 went to Indian Navy


Alex, e-mail, 08.02.2010 15:15

Compares well with the P-3 Orion.


raghav, 04.06.2009 22:27

one of the finest air craft... and the most trusted one .


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