Ilyushin IL-112


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Ilyushin IL-112

The Ilyushin IL-112 is a high-wing light military transport aircraft being developed for air landing and airdrop of military air cargoes, equipment and personnel.

The IL-112 has similar weights and dimensions to the An-26 it is intended to replace but differs by having a notably larger cabin cross-section, allowing it to accommodate 44 armed soldiers instead of 38. Thanks to the engine's reduced fuel consumption, which is down by 38 percent, the IL-112 has twice the ferry range - 5200 km. The crew is reduced from six to two thanks to modern avionics and onboard equipment

The first prototype flew on 30 March 2019.

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Ilyushin IL-112

 ENGINE2 x Klimov TV7-117ST turboprops, 3500hp each
  Take-off weight21000 kg46297 lb
  Wingspan27.6 m91 ft 7 in
  Length24.15 m79 ft 3 in
  Height8.89 m29 ft 2 in
  Wing area65 m2699.65 sq ft
  Cruise speed500 km/h311 mph
  Ceiling7600 m24950 ft
  Range2400 km1491 miles

Ilyushin IL-112A three-view drawing (1209 x 1956)

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