Anatra DS

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Anatra DS

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Roger Delgado, e-mail, 13.01.2010 19:04

Is this the only surviving Russian built aircraft of WW1?

Are there any photos of the cockpit?

Can you tell me anything about the history of this particular aircraft?

This is an extremely fascinating aircraft to those with interest in WW1.

Thank you,

Roger Delgado


avirs, e-mail, 27.10.2009 22:08 /en /service?id=27


Porus Mehta, e-mail, 14.10.2007 15:37


I am Porus Mehta, from Mumbai, India.
This aircraft is described in "World Aircraft Origins - World War I" by Angelucci and Matricardi. The Anatra DS 'Anasal' was manufactured by a company started by A. A. Anatra, an Italian bankerin Odessa. The plane appeared in 1917, but production was interrupted by the Russian Revolution and only about 70 were produced. The plane was a recon aircraft and the nickname 'Anasal' was derived from 'Anatra-Salmson', it was powered by a Salmson radial engine.
Powerplant: Samson, 9 cyl liquid cooled radial, 150hp.
Wingspan: 12.37m
Length: 8.1m
Height: 3.19m
Weight 1,164kg
Maximum speed: 144kph
Ceiling: 4300m
Endurance: 3.5hrs
Armament: 2 machine guns
Crew: 2


Hector Aballi, e-mail, 23.07.2007 06:48

This Anatra Anasal was used in WWI by the Imprial Russian AF, some were captured by the Bolcheviqs, and is a miracle that you can have in your museum.


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