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P.W.S. 15

The shortcomings in handling qualities and manoeuvrability demonstrated by the P.W.S.10 prototypes led its designers, Grzedzielski and Bobek-Zdaniewski, in 1930 to develop a biplane version, the P.W.S.15, as a private venture for comparative testing. One of the two P.W.S.10 prototypes was fitted with a modestly staggered unequal-span single-bay biplane cellule with N-type interplane struts. Retaining the engine and armament of the P.W.S.10, the P.W.S.15 lacked the shortcomings of the parasol monoplane, possessing a superior climb rate and an essentially similar maximum speed. However, while the P.W.S.15 was under test, the company received a production contract for the P.W.S.10, and, rather than risk its cancellation in favour of the biplane with consequent production disruption, dismantled the prototype biplane without submitting it to official flight test.

 ENGINE1 x 450hp Lorraine-Dietrich LD 12Eb
  Take-off weight1515 kg3340 lb
  Empty weight1145 kg2524 lb
  Wingspan10.00 m33 ft 10 in
  Length7.50 m25 ft 7 in
  Height3.00 m10 ft 10 in
  Wing area23.00 m2247.57 sq ft
  Max. speed250 km/h155 mph
  Cruise speed215 km/h134 mph
  Ceiling6500 m21350 ft
  Rate of climb390 m/min1300 ft/min
  Range520 km323 miles
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.7mm

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