P.W.S. 12, 14


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P.W.S. 12, 14

Contemporary with the P.W.S.10, a less complicated version with a 179kW Gnome-Rhone Titan engine was designed specifically for use as a single-seat fighter trainer. Designated P.W.S.11, this did not progress beyond the prototype stage, but a two-seat intermediate- trainer project designated P.W.S.12 was developed from it, its biplane configuration resulting from little more than the addition of a new lower wing to the existing airframe. However, the first two P.W.S.12 prototypes, flown in November 1929, had reduced-span staggered biplane wings and introduced a 164kW Skoda-built version of the Wright J-5 Whirlwind radial engine. Successful testing led to an order for production P.W.S.12s, but a requested change from wooden to steel-tube fuselage structure, plus the incorporation of some improvements, resulted in this aircraft being redesignated P.W.S.14 at a later stage.

  Take-off weight1100 kg2425 lb
  Wingspan9.0 m30 ft 6 in
  Max. speed190 km/h118 mph

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