Marinens M.F.11


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Marinens M.F.11

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 ENGINE1 x 525hp Armstrong Siddeley Panther IIA
  Take-off weight2852 kg6288 lb
  Empty weight1847 kg4072 lb
  Wingspan10.55/15.41 m35 ft 7 in / 51 ft 7 in
  Length11.63 m38 ft 2 in
  Height4.45 m15 ft 7 in
  Wing area53.50 m2575.87 sq ft
  Max. speed235 km/h146 mph
  Cruise speed170 km/h106 mph
  Ceiling5000 m16400 ft
  Range800 km497 miles
  Range w/max.fuel1200 km746 miles
 ARMAMENT3 x 7.92mm, 300kg of bombs

Barry, 22.07.2016 15:02

Designed by Captain Johan E Hover, and sometimes known as the Hover M.F. 11, this plane was designed as a replacement for the ageing Hansa Brandenburg W33. Flying for the first time on 29th September 1931 some 29 were produced between 11th October 1930 and 1st January 1939. After the Nazis invaded Norway pilots in the Royal Norwegian Air Force were ordered to make every effort not to let any aircraft fall into enemy hands. Some 16 were captured by the Germans and used for communication flights up to and including 1942. Three escaped to Finland and were interned with the Finns using them on general duties, and in fact two lasted until 1947 when the Norwegians were invited to buy them back, but to no avail. Others did arrive in Scotland but were never used.


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