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PAC Cresco

Design began 1977; first flight of prototype 28 February 1979; first flight of production aircraft early 1980; entered service January 1982 as Cresco 08-600; certified in Standard and Restricted categories 9 April 1984. This variant was supplanted by Cresco 08-750 in November 1992. First flight of PT6A-34AG version 18 November 1992.


Cresco 08-600: Initial version, with 447kW Honeywell LTP 101- 600A-1A or -700A turboprop. First nine aircraft (including prototype) only. No longer available.

Cresco 750: With higher-powered 559kW Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-34AG engine; launched 1992 (first delivery 23 December) as 08-600- 34AG. However, aircraft are registered as 08-600s.

PAC 750XL: Described separately.

Total 39 Crescos built by July 2003. One delivered to Kevron Pty Ltd in Australia during 1998 is used for geophysical exploration. Cresco operators located in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

  Take-off weight3742 kg8250 lb
  Loaded weight1338 kg2950 lb
  Wingspan12.81 m42 ft 0 in
  Length11.07 m36 ft 4 in
  Height3.84 m13 ft 7 in
  Wing area27.31 m2293.96 sq ft
  Max. speed282 km/h175 mph
  Cruise speed259 km/h161 mph
  Ceiling8230 m27000 ft

Cameron Bishop, e-mail, 16.07.2015 21:24

Jasmi did you find the information you were requiring?


deaftom, e-mail, 09.03.2011 19:31

This is an independently developed version of the license-built Fletcher FU-24 Utility.


Moktar Nawawi, e-mail, 17.04.2008 19:45

Looking for aircraft that is cost effcitve,multi purpose and at the same time give turbine hours for the pilot.Pls let have more details for consideration.
Thank you
Moktar N


A S Gill, e-mail, 23.11.2007 11:56

I would be grateful if you would send more details of this aircraft, like payload per trip etc., cost of operations, and cost of the aircraft


Jasmi Ab. Hamid, e-mail, 29.06.2007 11:51

Dear Sir,

After watching the video show on the Cresco, appreciate if you could send me detail information regarding this aircraft. Our intention is to study a suitable aircraft together with the spray system for fertilizer spraying (dust) over oil palm platation.

Thank you.
Jasmi Ab. Hamid
Rangkaian Pintar Sdn. Bhd.


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