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Wide-body version of Cresco with fuselage height overall raised 15cm; design started January 2000 and prototype first flown 5 September 2001. Optimised for parachute jumping. Other fields of use include carriage of freight, passengers and geophysical survey equipment and special operations.

Total 150 hours in 63 sorties up to December 2002. Preliminary tests showed need for leading-edge root extension and increase of maximum flap angle from 30" to 40. Certification by NZ CAA was achieved on 23 July 2003, at which time two further aircraft were nearing completion.

PAC 750XLA three-view drawing (800 x 492)

  Take-off weight3402 kg7500 lb
  Loaded weight1406 kg3100 lb
  Wingspan12.81 m42 ft 0 in
  Length11.84 m39 ft 10 in
  Height4.04 m13 ft 3 in
  Wing area28.34 m2305.05 sq ft
  Max. speed302 km/h188 mph
  Ceiling6095 m20000 ft
  Range1077 km669 miles

Jean-Luc MASSIER, e-mail, 17.12.2016 19:07

Brand new PAC 750XL available for rent. Please, contact me or +33 06 68 24 20 09 in France.


rikan, e-mail, 01.01.2011 09:47

Many of these are in use now for sky diving. They climb like a homesick angel, and are a great jump plane. Powerful and quiet.


Brian Toung, e-mail, 22.09.2010 19:05

Skydive Deland has a new one of these, Bob Hallet, owner. It's a nice plane, climbs fast and is relatively comfortable with center isle two row seating. It's a small door for exit but certainly manageable. Overall, a nice new ride.


b dieterle, e-mail, 17.09.2010 23:11

there two of them at tecumseh, mi. apt used for sky diving they replced a twin otter @ c182 here last year


William J Riser, e-mail, 17.08.2020 b dieterle

do you have any pacs available for lease starting in april


Jonathan Wagner, e-mail, 29.07.2007 12:32

At the end of 2006, 30 airplanes where built, available for
US$ 925.000 each


Charles B Anderson, e-mail, 10.11.2006 06:19

This would be a nice airplane for the Flying Doctors Service or other Medevac agencies.


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