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TNCA Microplano

In February 1918, the Talleres Nacionales de Construcciones Aeronauticas (TNCA), or National Aircraft Manufacturing Workshops, at Balbuena Airfield, Mexico City, completed the prototype of a single-seat fighting scout to the designs of Francisco Santarini and Capt Guillermo Villasana. A single-bay unstaggered biplane known as the Microplano, the aircraft was powered by a 180hp Hispano-Suiza eight-cylinder Vee-type water-cooled engine driving a Mexican Anahuac propeller, and was of metal construction. The intended armament was either one or two synchronised machine guns. Although flight trials of the Microplano were allegedly satisfactory, no series production was undertaken owing to the overthrow of the Carranza regime and the ensuing civil war.

TNCA MicroplanoA three-view drawing (1677 x 1380)

  Take-off weight650 kg1433 lb
  Empty weight460 kg1014 lb
  Wingspan8.00 m26 ft 3 in
  Length6.60 m22 ft 8 in
  Height2.55 m8 ft 4 in
  Wing area18.00 m2193.75 sq ft
  Max. speed220 km/h137 mph

Alberto Rizzi, e-mail, 24.03.2018 10:30

Aesthetically it seems to owe much to the contemporary Italian fighters. It's possible, because in those years the Mexico government bought a small amount of Ansaldo A.1 "Balilla", and maybe its observers tried or saw other similar aircrafts.
But it's an opinion for which I've no evidence to bring.


ANTONIO QUIROZ, e-mail, 25.09.2013 20:56

señores Manuel C y Cesar Rosales: Después del primer vuelo de puebas, al Serie C se le hicieron importantes modificaciones en las superficies del empenaje, se incrementó en área alar en el plano superior y se incluyeros alerones (solamente en ala superior). el timón de área circular y elevadores flotantes conocidos por la clásica foto de perfil del Serie C resultaron muy inestables. Me interesaría construir un serie C modificado como se muestra en la foto de "la velada fúnebre" del 3 nov.1920 mostrada en la página del "MEXICANAVIATIONHISTORY". estoy trabajando en el plano de tres vistas de esa modificación. Saludos al Sr. Carlos de la Lanza de Monterrey... Excelente ejemplo de rescate de los modelos del TNCA.


Gabriel Novaro, e-mail, 13.03.2011 06:49

Hi Nikolai! They did not move to the US as they wanted this plane to be Mexican, that's why. I'm sorry to say i found (at a flea market in Mexico City), bought and kept for years a large 1 /4 scale industrial, preproduction test model of another mexican airplane (circa 1910)including metal machined parts and FULLY OPERATING controls and landing gear, but at one time (I was young, divorcing and the plane was HUGE)SOLD IT! I now hate I did!


Nikolai, e-mail, 31.12.2010 21:27

Why didn't they move to the USA?
They could comlete their project there.


Virginia Soto, e-mail, 30.12.2010 20:51

I am very interested to know more about this plane, if posible the location of it
Please send me all the information you can.


Cesar Rosales, 30.04.2010 04:50

EStimado sr. Felipe lopez, lei su cometario y le ofrezco de la manera mas atenta que estoy realizando unos planos de el serie c para rc, y algunos amigos estan trabajando en otros modelos mexicanos para un reto de mexicorc para este 16 de septiembre en el centenario de la aviacion en mexico, que estoy seguro compartirian su conocimiento con ud. atte Vonrosales (foro mexicorc)


Felipe López y Varela, e-mail, 30.04.2010 01:27

Sr. Carlos, doy clases de aeromodelismo a niños con problemas de educación y Superdotados de 9 a 11 años de Edad. ¿Podria enviarme un plano 3V del modelo TNCA Sonora?
Saludos y anticipo mi agradecimiento


Alfredo Rubio, e-mail, 02.10.2009 03:57

Thanks for share the Mexican historic airplanes, some part of history said the fact that the Microplano Veloz achieved the no oficial speed record in 1920, here a simple free flight plan: /tectonite /iWeb /Site%205 /Mooney_files /Microplano-Veloz-1.jpg




Umón Takahashi, e-mail, 06.07.2009 02:59

Mr. Carlos, can I have a copy? I've tried to send you an e-mail via hotmail but it did not work. Regards


Carlos L. de la Lanza, e-mail, 04.05.2007 20:44

Hi All!
I have the 3View plan of this airplane. If you want a copy just send to me your e-mail
Best Regards,


ANTONIO QUIROZ, e-mail, 02.03.2007 20:57

I wonder if you have specifications and 3 views drawing of the Mexican TNCA serie E "Sonora"
I appreciate your kind attention


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