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Mitsubishi 1MF3

The Mitsubishi 1MF was among the first designs produced for the Mitsubishi Internal Combustion Engine Co. Ltd, set up by the Mitsubishi industrial concern in 1920. One of three types designed by Herbert Smith, formerly of the British Sopwith company, to meet requirements issued by the Imperial Japanese Navy for aircraft to equip its first aircraft-carrier (the Hosho), the 1MF1 initial version was an unequal-span single-seat carrier-based fighter biplane, powered by a 223kW Hispano-Suiza 8 engine, which entered production in 1921 as the Navy Type 10-1 Carrier Fighter. It was followed by the 1MF2, an experimental variant with modified upper-wing ailerons. The series Type 10-2 or 1MF3 had twin Lamblin radiators fitted between the landing gear legs, the Type 10-3 (1MF4) had the pilot's cockpit relocated farther forward and a redesigned tailplane, while the 1MF5A was a version of the 1MF4 with experimental flotation gear. Production of the 1MF series ended in 1928 with the 138th example. The Type 10 proved a tough, reliable fighter and remained in service for a number of years, latterly as an advanced trainer.

Mitsubishi 1MF3A three-view drawing of Mitsubishi 1MF3 (1278 x 992)

  Take-off weight1279 kg2820 lb
  Empty weight936 kg2064 lb
  Wingspan8.84 m29 ft 0 in
  Length6.93 m23 ft 9 in
  Height3.13 m10 ft 3 in
  Max. speed213 km/h132 mph
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.7mm machine-guns

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