Aichi E10A (Hank)


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Aichi E10A (Hank)

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Aichi E10A (Hank)

Aichi E10A (Hank)A three-view drawing (1000 x 700)

Bryan Edgerton, e-mail, 28.07.2017 06:24

Cheezus, this thing's ugly


Barry, 02.06.2016 16:13

Similar in appearance and size to the British Supermarine Walrus, the E10 first flew in December 1934 under the company designation AB12. However there was only 15 of the Type 96 night reconnaissance plane (i.e. E10A) produced and none were in service by Pearl Harbour in December 1941.

Crew 3
Power plant 1 x 485 h.p Aichi Type 91 12 cylinder 'W' block water cooled engine.

Span 50'10" Length 36'10" Height 14'9"
Wing area 561 sq ft
Empty weight 4,630 lb Gross weight 7,725 lb
Max speed 128 mph at sea level
Cruising speed 66 mph at 3,300 ft
Range 1,150 miles
Service ceiling 13,500 ft
Armament 1 x 7.7 mm machine gun on flexible mounting in the nose


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