Piaggio P.111


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Piaggio P.111

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Barry, 01.06.2016 13:30

Designed originally as a three man high altitude bomber, the P.111 was used into research for the P.108 and featured specially constructed 999 h.p double row 18 cylinder Piaggio P.XII R.C.100 /2v radial engines with a two stage supercharger. First flying on 9th April 1941 it made 110 research flights before being retired and scrapped in 1943.

Span 56'9" Length 40'8" Height 12'10" Wing area 430 sq ft
Empty weight 11,550 lb Gross weight 16,700 lb

Maximum speed @ 32,800 ft 357 mph
Cruising speed 279 mph Range 1,031 miles
Service ceiling 39,360 ft


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