Caproni Ca.5


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Caproni Ca.5

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 ENGINE3 x 250hp Fiat A.12
  Take-off weight3870 kg8532 lb
  Empty weight2450 kg5401 lb
  Wingspan22.76 m75 ft 8 in
  Length10.80 m35 ft 5 in
  Height3.80 m12 ft 6 in
  Max. speed146 km/h91 mph
  Cruise speed121 km/h75 mph
  Ceiling4000 m13100 ft
  Rate of climb114 m/min350 ft/min
  Range650 km404 miles
 ARMAMENT4 x 6.5mm, 800kg of bombs

Barry, 04.07.2017 16:56

With fighter design improving it was becoming increasingly difficult for bombers to penetrate defenses to reach the target. Caproni decided the answer was to increase the power available and by the time this plane went out of production in 1921 it had 5 times the power of the Ca 1.
A total of 659 were built including three in the USA
2 by Standard and one by Fisher.


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