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Caproni C22J

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Barry, 31.05.2016 15:11

It truly was developed from a sailplane and three were built. Latterly called the Caproni Vizzola Ventura, it was exhibited at the Farnborogh Air Show in 1980 and 1982 but failed to gain any orders. Agusta bought 50% of the project looking to develop it into a light attack and reconnaissance aircraft as the C22R, but nothing came of it.

Power plant 2 x 220lb thrust Micro Turbo TRS 18-046
Span 32'10" Length 20'4" Height 6'2" Wing area 94 sq ft
Empty weight 1,585 lb Max Take off wight 2,500 lb
Max speed 299 mph Cruising speed 201 mph Range 460 miles
Armament Up to 440 lb of under wing stores


Ares, e-mail, 13.01.2010 11:28 /wiki /Caproni_Vizzola_Ventura

As in wiky say this trainer came from a glider project.
Two beside seat Caproni Calif.


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